As of December 1, 2017

Information related to application qualifications, major field of studies, medium of instruction and on-campus scholarships of Japanese graduate schools, universities and junior colleges is available for searching through Excel files posted online.

Note : Information listed here was based on the answers of survey conducted by Japan Student Services Organization in October 2016. For latest information, it is necessary for you to contact respective universities.

How to use (Q & A)

Q : I heard the school has on-campus scholarships available for international students, will international students be able to receive the scholarship before coming to Japan?

A : First, click and open excel file "search for on-campus scholarships and tuition fee exemption system”.

Next, filter the section ”notification of result of receiving scholarship before coming to Japan*”, then search for school with answer of "Y= Yes".
* Indicates announcement from school whether or not international students will receive scholarship before coming to Japan

On-campus scholarship data image

Q : My command of Japanese language is not up to par, I want to further my studies at Japanese university which offered its courses in English language. How to go about to look for Japanese university courses conducted in English language?

A : Click and open excel file “Search for schools (graduate schools, universities and junior colleges)”.
Filter “Language” under “Medium of Instruction”, choose for “E= English”. The list of Japanese university courses conducted in English language can be viewed from here.

The other choices like “Japanese and English (50%)” or “English, Japanese (supplementary)” are also available to choose from.

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Search for schools (graduate schools, universities and junior colleges)

Note (1) : In the case you wish to narrow down the search on major field of studies, it will be handy if you use the 1 ~ 2 digit school code and search for information from above-mentioned Major Field of Study column.
Note (2) : The file may take a longer time to open due to big capacity of data. In such case, it is advisable to save the data first and view later.

University Degree Courses Offered in English

*The table below is extracting the search result of "English (meaning fully taught by English)" as "Medium of Instruction" from "Search for schools" data.
*To search for certain courses which conducted in both English and Japanese, please refer to "Search for schools" data.
For further inquiries and detailed information with regard to the list, please refer to "Search for schools" data and directly ask each university.

Universities offering university transfer program (Undergraduate courses)

Search for on-campus scholarships and tuition fee exemption system

Search for short-term study programs

Search for a short-term study program within a year which implemented by higher education institutions in Japan not with the aim to earn a degree.