Coronavirus Disease Infection Control Measures at 2021 EJU (1st Session)

To applicants scheduled to take 2021 EJU (1st Session), your attention is respectfully requested to the important matters detailed in the following numbered items. In addition, please take time to read and confirm the “EJU Cautions Regarding the Examination, etc.” sent together with your examination voucher.

1. On the examination day, please bring your own personal protective face mask to the examination site. This is required regardless of whether or not you have a fever, a cough or other symptoms. Please wear your mask inside the examination site at all times. The only normal exception to this rule should be when you are eating lunch.

2. Inside the examination site, follow the directions on the posters, requests from the attendants and other sources for proper social distancing from other examinees. This should include efforts to avoid overcrowding at the entrance, in the restrooms and all other locations.

3. Each time you enter or exit the examination room, take the time to disinfect your hands with the antiseptic solution available at the entrance.

4. Upon previously suffering from a fever, cough or similar symptoms, undergo a medical examination at a healthcare facility no later than the day before the examination. Consult with your physician to determine if you are able to safely take the examination.

5. In certain cases, you will not be permitted to take the examination. For example, if you are infected with the coronavirus disease before the examination, and your physician is unable to certify that you have fully recovered from the infection by the examination day, or upon certification by a public health center or other authority that you have been in close contact with someone infected with the coronavirus, you will not be able to take the examination.

6. If your temperature is 37.5 degrees centigrade or higher on the examination day, we request that you do not take the exam. If developing symptoms of a fever or cough at the actual examination site, immediately alert the attendants of your condition.

7. On the examination day, avoid any unnecessary contacts and conversations with others during rest breaks, at lunch or other occasions. Whenever possible, eat lunch by yourself at your own seat.

8. For the examination, the windows in the exam room will be kept open during break times to help improve interior ventilation. Therefore, you are requested to bring a coat and otherwise wear clothing helpful in regulating your body temperature.

9. After completing the examination, take your mask home with you (do not leave it at the examination site). In addition, make every effort to go straight home, avoiding any stops along the way.

10. Work hard to maintain the following practices on an everyday basis: Regularly wash your hands and disinfect your fingers; practice proper social (physical) distancing; avoid the “Three Cs” of “closed spaces,” “crowded places” and “close contact” with other people; eat a balanced and nutritious diet; get moderate exercise, ample rest and sleep and otherwise take good care of your health. Finally, it is recommended that you make arrangements to be vaccinated with a vaccine for the flu and other common contagious diseases before the examination day.