Social Media Operation Policy of the Japan Student Services Organization

1.Basic Policy

The Japan Student Services Organization (hereinafter referred to as “JASSO”) has established and operates various social media accounts in order to disseminate information on JASSO’s operations, initiatives, events, seminars, etc., and thereby deepen users’ understanding of JASSO’s operations and enhance user convenience.
As a general rule, we will not respond to opinions or requests regarding JASSO’s operations posted as comments, etc. Comments, links and other content posted by users do not reflect the opinions of JASSO. Some of the accounts will be used solely for the dissemination of information and the comment function will be disabled.

2.Account Information

JASSO has established the accounts listed on the JASSO Official SNS Account List as its official social media accounts (hereinafter referred to as “JASSO Accounts”).


  • ・ While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on JASSO Accounts, JASSO is not responsible for any actions that users take based on the information posted on JASSO Accounts.
  • ・ JASSO is not responsible for any comments, etc., posted by users on JASSO Accounts.
  • ・ JASSO is not responsible for any problems or disputes that may arise between users or between users and third parties in connection with JASSO Accounts.
  • ・ JASSO is not responsible in the event that video content on JASSO Accounts cannot be viewed properly, or if any damage is caused by viewing said video content.
  • ・ The copyright to comments and other postings belong to the user(s) who made the posting. By posting, however, said user(s) grant JASSO the right to use the posted content free of charge and on a nonexclusive basis throughout the world, and agree not to exercise any copyright claims or other rights against JASSO.

4.Deletion of Comments Posted by Users

  1. Please note that comments may be deleted or rejected without warning if any of the following apply:
    • ・ Violates, or may violate, laws and regulations and/or other rules
    • ・ Encourages criminal behavior
    • ・ Constitutes slander or defamation against others such as specific individuals or groups
    • ・ Mentions and/or promotes political or religious activities
    • ・ Infringes on the intellectual property rights of JASSO or a third party, such as copyrights, trademark rights, and portrait rights
    • ・ Involves advertising, promotion, solicitation, sales activities, and/or other commercial purposes
    • ・ Promotes discrimination based on race, ideology, religion, etc., or encourages such discrimination
    • ・ Violates public order and/or good morals
    • ・ Contains false or untrue information, spreads rumors, or promotes the spread of such rumors
    • ・ Infringes on privacy by specifying, disclosing or leaking etc., personal information without a person’s consent
    • ・ Impersonates other users and/or third parties
    • ・ Promotes harmful programs, etc.
    • ・ Contains inappropriate material, including obscene expressions, etc.
    • ・ Violates the terms of use of the relevant social media
    • ・ Modifies all or part of the content posted by JASSO
    • ・ Comments that are not related to content JASSO posts
    • ・ Any other information that JASSO deems inappropriate, and links that contain such information
  2. Users who post comments that fall under 4.1 or who interfere with the proper operation of JASSO Accounts may be blocked.

5.About Copyrights

The copyright to the information posted on JASSO Accounts (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) belongs to JASSO and/or those who have legitimate rights thereto. The content of JASSO Accounts may not be reprinted without the permission of JASSO, except for personal use or citations and other purposes as permitted by the Copyright Act. When citing such content, please be sure to clearly indicate its source in an appropriate manner.

6.Dissemination of and Changes to Operation Policy

This policy is subject to change as necessary without prior notice.

7.Cautionary Notes

JASSO may change the content or format of JASSO Account(s), suspend or terminate the operation of JASSO Account(s), delete postings, etc., or delete a JASSO Account itself without prior notice. The Content may also be changed, transferred, deleted, etc., without prior notice. JASSO assumes no responsibility for such actions.