JASSO Disaster Subventions

The JASSO Disaster Subventions supports students whose residences were partially or totally destroyed in a disaster making it difficult for them to continue their studies.


100,000 JPY (This amount does not need to be repaid.)

Eligible individuals

Undergraduate/graduate students to whom both (1) and (2) listed below apply.

(1) Individuals who, due to the occurrence of a disaster, suffered partial to total destruction (including partial destruction by water outflow, burial or fire) of their residence (a place of residence located in Japan that is used on a daily basis as a base and center of the life of that student or a person maintaining that student’s livelihood), or suffered damage to the said residence due to inundation above floor level, or were unable to enter their residence for one month or more due to an evacuation advisory issued by local governing bodies in response to a dangerous situation caused by a disaster.

  • The above conditions will be verified via disaster certificate (copies will also be accepted).Those individuals who require more time for issuance of their disaster certificate may submit a copy of the application form used when applying for their disaster certificate, but once issued, their disaster certificate must be submitted as well.

(2) Those individuals who have a desire to study and are securely able to finish their coursework during the length of their course of study.

  • This does not include credited auditors, research students, and auditors.
  • Disasters that occurred during a repeated year due to poor grades are ineligible.
    (However, students who resumed studies in the same year due to changes in the school registry for reasons other than poor grades, such as those who took a year off from studying or repeated a year, are considered eligible for this grant.)
  • Disasters that occurred before entrance into university are ineligible.
  • Disasters that occurred during a year off from studies are ineligible.
  • Only one application may be made by each individual per disaster.
  • Individuals receiving other scholarships from JASSO or economic support from other organizations may still apply for the JASSO Disaster Subventions.
  • Nominations for this grant must be made within 6 months following the month that the natural disaster occurred. This is the period for nominations from your school to JASSO.

If you are interested, please contact your school inquiries office.