Application Guidelines

Follow-up Research Guidance

JASSO dispatches research advisors to visit international students who have returned to their countries after having studied in Japan and who are currently engaged in education or research at schools to provide advice and academic support.

Eligible countries and regions : Developing countries and regions
Period of dispatch : The length of stay in the dispatched area is 7-10 days
Benefits : (1) Round-trip Airfare, (2) Living Expenses(¥16,000 / for each day of stay in the dispatched area), (3) Expenses for Guidance ( Maximum amount of ¥100,000)

Application Guidelines

Note: In case that any discrepancies arise between the English and Japanese texts, the Japanese will be accepted as the authoritative version.

Form1: To be made by Japanese university
Form2-1 / 2-2/2-3 : To be made by research advisor
Form3: To be made by foreign researcher
Note: Deadline for Application
Applications must be received by Tuesday, November 30th, 2021. The deadline is just for JASSO. The deadline at your host university might be different. Please confirm the deadline for your host university.

* Submit both 5 printed copies of application forms (1 copy of Form1 original) and the digital file data. Please let you confirm "For University Use:Cautions When Submitting Files" by all means when you make it.
* When sending the digital file data, please make sure to set the password listed in "For University Use: Cautions When Submitting Files."