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Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship For Short-Term Visit
    / Short-Term Stay Program)
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Scholarships for Short-Term Visit/Short-term Stay Program had been discontinued in March 2013.

Program Outline

This scholarship is available for student acceptance and student dispatch programs of less than three months by Japanese universities, junior colleges , colleges of technology or specialized training college (hereafter referred to as “Japanese Universities”)


For the 2013-2014 academic year


  ・Monthly stipend: ¥80,000 per month (less than 3 months)

The monthly stipend may change by the budget of financial year 2013.

Eligibility For Application

The program the applicant is enrolled in must satisfy the following conditions:


The acceptance and dispatch program for this scholarship must be conducted under each Japanese Universities’ control and responsibility. A student selection process and education system must be established for conducting a short-term stay program and/or a short-term visit program.

Program Categories

  • Short-term stay and short-term visit program(SS&SV): Program of both student acceptance and dispatch by Japanese Universities
  • Short-term stay program (SS): Student acceptance program from foreign countries by Japanese Universities
  • Short-term visit program (SV): Student dispatch program to foreign countries by Japanese Universities

Application Overview

JASSO reviews the applications submitted by Japanese Universities, and decides the number of students and supports the adopted program.

  • All applications must be processed through Japanese Universities. Direct applications from overseas universities or students will not be accepted.
  • Application deadlines for students will differ at each university. The applicant must contact the university to confirm the application schedule and the necessary documents.
  • Scholarships are paid to students by prescribed method through Japanese Universities.