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As of February 21, 2014

Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science without Borders) Japanese

csf logomarkThe List of the Universities that accept CsF(SwB) students.

*Subject to change without prior notice.


 1. For Undergraduate Students (Undergraduate Sandwich, Internship)

 2. For Graduate Students (Ph.D Degree Seeking, Ph.D Sandwich)


Contact information

If you have any question about the Ciencia sem Fronteiras (Science without Borders) , please contact:

 " csfbrasil at mark jasso.go.jp".  (“@” in the e-mail address is indicated as “at mark” in order to block unwanted junk mails. Please convert “at mark” to @ when you send an e-mail to us.


We take charge of the matters mentioned below relating to the Program:


1. Provide information about the program ( Undergraduate sandwich, Ph.D sandwich and Ph.D degree program)

2. Confirmation of the requested documents for the selection and questionnaire for the Program (undergraduate sandwich only)

""Pre-selected Candidates"" may send requested documents for the selections in Japan to "csfbrasil at mark jasso.go.jp".

3. Help the contact between Japanese Universities and Brazilian students