Management Philosophy and policy

Management Philosophy

As the cornerstone of our activities, the two S's in "JASSO", which stand for "Student Services", embody the objective of our organization to provide the services required to ensure that students can learn with peace of mind at all times, and to watch over the learning and growth of young people who will be responsible for our country's future.
Specifically, we carry out three support programs -scholarships, international student support, and student support- and contribute to the development of individuals who will be responsible for the next generation of society as a national center for student services that provides essential infrastructure to support the learning of our country's students.

Management Policy Student Services

JASSO symbol mark

Japan Student Services Organization

The green part, in the shape of the wing, represents young people opening up to their potential. The orange part, in the shape of the palm of a hand, represents JASSO's role in supporting youth. The two shapes combine to form the letter "S", which stands for the initial letter of "Student Services."
In addition, the green color of the wing represents the sound growth of the younger generation, and the orange color of the palm represents JASSO's philosophy and enthusiasm toward its activities.