Management Philosophy

As the cornerstone of our activities, the two "S" s in "JASSO", which stand for "Student Services", embody the objective of our organization to provide the services required to ensure that students can learn with peace of mind at all times, and to watch over the learning and growth of young people who will be responsible for our country's future.
Specifically, we carry out three support programs -scholarships, international student support, and student support- and contribute to the development of individuals who will be responsible for the next generation of society as a national center for student services that provides essential infrastructure to support the learning of our country's students.

Management Policy Student Services

1. Support for Students

As a core institution for student support in Japan, we continuously support the education of youth through proactive support for international student exchanges toward globalization and living support for students in response to diverse needs in addition to the provision of financial aid (scholarship grants and loans) to ensure equal educational opportunities, taking into consideration the situation surrounding students and the actual conditions of their life.

2. Support for Higher Education Institutions

We support the enhancement of educational functions and strengthening of school management fundamentals by supporting the improvement of the learning environment that is necessary for higher education institutions to provide motivated students with high quality education and fulfill their responsibility to foster capable individuals in society.

3. Collaboration and Cooperation with the Government, Universities, and Businesses

By collaborating and cooperating closely with the government, universities, and businesses and pooling their respective resources,abilities, and ideas, we support the learning of students as a society as a whole and actualize higher quality and more effective student support capable of developing individuals needed in society.

4. Enhancement of Function as a National Center for Student Services

As a national center for student services, we strengthen the collection and analysis of information pertaining to the actual conditions of student life and student support that make up the basis of the government's relevant policies, conduct investigation and analysis of issues in every corner of Japan and provide information on advanced initiatives.

5. Constant Reassessment of Programs and Efficient Management

Under the leadership of the President, along with conducting constant reassessments of programs in response to changes in societal circumstances, we execute the appropriate distribution of management resources and carry out efficient management based on swift decision-making that sufficiently utilizes the special qualities of an independent administrative institution.

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