The J Drums at TIEC

Wadaiko ensemble

Wadaiko solo

Trial lesson of wadaiko

We held this Wadaiko (Japanese drums) event with the purpose to contribute productive time to TIEC residents who are from various countries and regions by providing an opportunity to appreciate music as a common culture in the world. Also we hope to promote interaction among TIEC residents through music as a common experience and to deepen their friendship as residents who live together in TIEC.

1.Date and Time

Wednesday (national holiday), November 3, 2021


Exchange Square and Media Hall (in Tokyo International Exchange Center) and YouTube Live


1.Stage performance (17:30pm-18:50pm)
2.Trial lesson of Japanese drums (19:00pm-20:00pm)

Screenshot of YouTube Live

Ending of stage performance

Learning wadaiko rhythm


TIEC residents and open to public

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