Facility Guide

International Conference Hall (Plaza Heisei 3F)


The seats on the first floor can be stored completely for use in a round-table conference.
Floor space : 571 sq.m
Ceiling height : 13 m
No. of seats : 479 (279 on 1st floor, 200 on 2nd floor. )
The seats on the 1st floor are movable while those on the 2nd floor are fixed.
Theater-style : 418 (279 on 1st floor, 139 on 2nd floor)
Round-table : 80 (for audiences 200 on 2nd floor )
Audio equipment, Visual equipment
Simultaneous interpreting facilities : 6 booths, 6 channels

Media Hall (Plaza Heisei 3F)


Floor space : 136 sq.m
Ceiling Heights : 5m
No. of seats : maximum 102 (movable)
Theater-style : 102
Round-table : 32
Audio equipment, Visual equipment
Simultaneous interpreting facilities : 3 booths, 3 channels

Main Foyer (Plaza Heisei 3F)


Available for free as resting space when using International Conference Hall and / or Media Hall.

* Floor Area: 328 sq.m

Conference Room (Plaza Heisei 4F)


There are five conference rooms of varying sizes.
* Conference Room 1 is equipped with a number of features, including a wide screen and video projector.
* Conference Room 4 and 5 can be combined and used as one room.

Entrance Hall (Plaza Heisei 1F)


The escalator in front of the entrance takes you directly to International Conference Hall and Media Hall.