Fiscal Year 2020 International Student Associations in Japan Network Promotion Project

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Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) considers it important to create a network of international students in Japan. JASSO therefore seeks the cooperation of international student associations for the promotion of a network of groups of international students hailing from the same country or region (international student associations) who engage in group activities in Japan.
* The international student associations need to meet certain criteria.
* JASSO will pay a reward for cooperating in the submission of annual activities reports and the provision of association member information.
* JASSO expects to require attendance at the annual plenary meeting of International Student Associations in Japan scheduled to be held in March 2021.
Please refer to the Guidelines for further details. The deadline for the submission of applications was extended. The new one is Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 at 17:00.
JASSO looks forward to receiving applications from numerous international student associations in Japan.

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