Here are the reports from international students who were the recipients of Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students.
The recipients wrote reports on three topics : "Preparation for coming to Japan", "Life in Japan as a student" or "Job hunting in Japan or entering the next stage of education".
Their experiences and messages will help you for coming to Japan as a student.

2019 recipients

2019 recipients

2019 recipients

The followings are some excerpts from the reports. Please read the PDF file for the entire content.

1. Preparation for coming to Japan

  • The preparation to come to Japan as an international student was a long one. You definitely need to plan up to a year in advance in order to have all your documents submitted and approved by the university, submit the necessary documents for your visa, and wait upon approval. (Undergraduate program, USA)
  • It is important to first decide your field of study and search for supervisors with the same research interests. After they agree to take you as their student, that is when you start the university application process. (Graduate school, Zimbabwe)

2. Life in Japan as a student

  • Life in Japan as a student is generally a wonderful experience and it's an opportunity I can always take and cherish. The professors and staff that I've worked with are all professionals and very kind. (Graduate school, Malawi)
  • When I started my life in Japan, I was very excited to meet new people. I met many senior that helped me out in new place and new environment. Living in Japan is very convenient. The public transportation is everywhere. (Undergraduate program, Thailand)

3. Job hunting in Japan or entering the next stage of education

  • Job hunting is very important step as a University graduating student. There are several job hunting seminars both inside and outside university which provides useful information related to job hunting in Japan. (Graduate school, Nepal)
  • This JASSO scholarship I got was made possible because of their help by providing me information and many more. I must say that information, communication and connection are really important for entering the next stage of education. (Graduate school, Indonesia)

4. Advise to other international students

  • Learn Japanese language beforehand as it will help you a lot, and never let an opportunity pass you by. You have a chance to study in this wonderful country so try to find good experiences as much as you can. Studying is important but do not forget to make good friends and have fun! (Undergraduate program, Thailand)
  • Advice to other international students would be to just go for it. If you need help just ask anyone around you. There may be a language barrier but there is a high chance of people making new friends and get an unforgettable experience. (Undergraduate program, Mongolia)

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