The 56th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar[かな書道-Japanese Calligraphy KANA SHODO-]

Filming a lecturer giving a lecture and streaming it as a video

A lecturer writing letters on Japanese writing paper for calligraphy

Participants in the calligraphy class

1.Date and Time

  • Sunday, January 15, 2023
  • Lecture (YouTube Live): 15:00pm-16:00pm
  • Special Calligraphy Class: 16:15pm-17:00pm


Lecture (YouTube Live)

  • *Archive streaming of "Lecture" is now available on YouTube.

Special Calligraphy Class

Conference Room, Plaza Heisei 4F, Tokyo International Exchange Center(TIEC),
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

3.Guest Speaker

Mr. TAKAGI Atsuhito

Professor, Faculty of Letters, Daito Bunka University.
Director of the Calligraphy Research Institute, Daito Bunka University.
Born in Funabashi, Chiba in 1953. Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Letters.
Studied under Sugioka Kason while still a student. Currently a member of Nitten and President of Rinchikai.
He is also a permanent director of the Yomiuri Calligraphers' Association, a permanent director of the Chiba Prefecture Art Association, and vice president of the Japan Calligraphy Academy.


Theme: かな書道-Japanese Calligraphy KANA SHODO-

Lecture (YouTube Live): 15:00pm-16:00pm

"Kana Shodo" is calligraphy written in the "kana" script, which is a uniquely Japanese script.
Kana characters developed during the Heian period (794-1185) as a cultural art form with beauty as well as a role in conveying the meaning of the Japanese language.
And kana calligraphy has now become a part of traditional Japanese culture.
It is a great opportunity to learn about calligraphy academically and artistically by experiencing the beauty of the kana characters.

  • *Archive streaming of "Lecture" is now available on YouTube.

Special Calligraphy Class: 16:15pm-17:00pm

After the lecture, the Special Calligraphy Class was held. It was an opportunity to learn calligraphy directly from the guest speaker, Mr. TAKAGI.


TIEC residents and open to public

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