Media Hall

A multi-purpose hall that packs a mulitude of functions into a compact space.
Media Hall is a multi-purpose hall with the same range of functions as the International Conference hall, but is is a much more compact facility. Media Hall has a large variety of uses including all types of conferences and meetings, lectures, film showings, concerts and theatrical performances.

Theater layout

Media Hall Main Facilities

Simultaneous Interpreting Booth

  • Area: 136 sq.m

    Ceiling height: 5 m
    Number of seats: 102 (moveable)
    Theater-style: 102 seats
    Square-style: 32 seats
    Visual equipment:
    200-inch screen, projector, VCR,DVD,OHC, fixed camera
    Audio equipment:
    microphones, CD, MD, DAT, cassette deck
    Simultaneous interpreting facilities:
    3 booths, 3 channels
    wireless infra-red receivers

    Other facilities:
    Internet connection, CCTV System (linked to Information Board, International Conference Hall), podium, side table, annexes

*The standard setting for seats on the lower level is in theater layout. If conference hall users wish to arrange seats differently, they can do so but should make sure to return them to the initial layout.

Control Room

Seat for theater layout

Media Hall Floor Plan

Floor Plan: theater layout