Outdoor Facilities

Exchange Square

At the Tokyo International Exchange Center, a great number of people, who have come from around the world to study and research, live among Japanese and further mutual understanding in the course of their daily lives.

The Exchange Square is an open space where individuals can express themselves freely and hold discussions and exchanges in their individual, unique styles.

The many people who visit the Tokyo Academic Park can also freely access this space to mingle with the residence.

Outdoor Sports Ground

This is a facility for residents. It is covered with grass and available for outdoor sports such as futsal, basketball and others. Club house with showers is also available.

Green Yard

The Green Yard was created as a place to gather, interact, or relax for the residents of the Tokyo International Exchange Center.

Here they can enjoy the four seasons while discussing their cultures and building understanding and friendships. This space provides the setting in which such rich exchanges can occur.

Barbecue parties and the like can also be held here, providing a great opportunity for culinary exchanges as well.

Facility Information