List of Reservation Holders for the Reservation Program by EJU 1st Session in June 2023 Examinees

Please check the selection results in 【STEP1】.
If you are selected as a Reservation Holder, proceed to 【STEP2】~【STEP5】.

STEP1 Check the Selection Results, STEP2 Download "Reservation Notice", STEP3 Check the Necessary Procedures, STEP4 Notify JASSO about school, STEP5 Submit "Reservation Notice" to school

【STEP1】Check the Selection Results

You are selected as a Reservation Holder if you find your examination registration number in “List of Reservation Holders for the Reservation Program by EJU 1st Session in June 2023 Examinees” on the website below.

  • Please note that the number is not shown in the list if you are not selected.

【STEP2】Download “Reservation Notice”

You need to download “Reservation Notice for Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students” from My Page on the EJU online (please refer to “Score Confirmation” page).
You can get “My Page ID” on the same website.

【STEP3】Check the Necessary Procedures

Check the necessary procedures on the website below for securing your reservation.

  • Please note that the scholarship will not be granted unless the required procedures have been taken.

【STEP4】Notify JASSO about school

After getting admission certificate issued by school, notify JASSO about school you are going to attend from online form below.

【STEP5】Submit the Reservation Notice to your school

Submit a copy of the Reservation Notice downloaded in【STEP2】to your school after enrollment.

  • Please note that you need a recommendation from your school in order to receive the scholarship.
  • Follow the instructions from your school after completing【STEP5】.
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