Plaza Heisei Meeting Facilities Discount Plan

Update on June 5, 2012

Upon your usage, various discount will be offered if it fits the following requirements.
(It is valid in combination with other discounts up to 65 %.)

Discount rate
Discount for Privilege Organizers
An event sponsored by government, local government and other public offices (including foreign governmental organization), independent administrative institution, university, academic conference and nonprofit organization
Discount for JASSO Sponsorship
An event sponsored by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Discount for International Exchanges
An international exchange related event for which the discount is appropriate according to our judgment
Discount for Repeat Users
An event organized by the group or person who used facilities in this year or the previous fiscal year
Discount for Long-term Users
An event which uses facility for more than 5 days in a row (The date for preparation and clean-up of the facility is included.)
Discount for All the Rooms Users
An event which uses all the rooms on the same time.
Facility Fees