About Social Bond

The Social Bond is a bond issued to raise funds for projects that help to resolve social issues (Social Projects), as defined by the ICMA (International Capital Market Association) in its Social Bond Principles*1, and are bonds targeted for ESG investment*2.

*1 The Social Bond Principles are guidelines for voluntary measures established by the ICMA which aim to promote integrity in the Social Bond market. They were first published in June 2017, and were updated in June 2018.

*2 ESG investment refers to investment that focuses specifically on Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

JASSO bond as a “Social Bond”

JASSO issues social bonds under the following framework, based on the Social Bond Principles defined by the ICMA.

External Review

A Second Party Opinion was obtained from Vigeo Eiris, a leading global ESG ratings and research provider based in France, regarding the 52nd JASSO Bond planned to be issued in September 2018, which stated that the bond conforms to the Social Bond Principles defined by the ICMA.
An assessment was also included regarding ESG performance, with JASSO as the issuer.
We plan to obtain similar opinions for future bonds issued after the 53rd bond.