Program Budget of Japan Student Services Organization (FY2017)


(unit: million yen)

Category Amount
Debts, etc. 1,293,128
Grants for operating expenses 13,773
Subsidy for scholarship loan repayment exemption 6,863
Subsidy to financial aid fund 7,000
Subsidy for student exchange support programs 8,065
Income from donations 2,392
Collected loans 789,153
Interest on loans, etc. 33,617
Government grant-in-aid 1,001
Operating revenue 912
Miscellaneous income 3,642
Total 2,159,547


(unit: million yen)

Category Amount
Program cost of scholarship loans 1,076,592
General and administrative expenses 2,212
Expenses for program operation 15,774
(Expenses excluding scholarship loan programs) (9,114)
(Expenses for scholarship loan programs) (6,660)
Special expenses 341
Redemption of debts 1,004,920
Redemption of interest of debts 39,795
Expenses for the subsidy to financial aid fund 1,816
Expenses for student exchange support programs 8,065
Expenses for programs using donations 2,392
Total 2,151,908

*The estimates in each column and the figure in the total column may not match due to rounding.