Notification of Additional Session Results (Updated on December 4, 2020)

The results of the additional session of the 2020 Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) (2nd Session) will be announced on December 18. Examinees of the additional examination will be able to confirm scores on their “My Page” on EJU online website as well as the original examination takers who can do on the score reporting date. Schools using the EJU are requested to confirm on the EJU online score inquiry system. In addition, official written score reports will also be mailed on December 18.

Implementation of the Additional Session of 2020 EJU (2nd Session)

The additional session of the 2020 EJU (2nd Session) has concluded.

Issue of Examination Certificates

All persons taking the additional session of the 2020 EJU (2nd Session) will be issued “Examination Certificates” as confirmation that they actually participated in the exam.
・Examination Certificates will not be reissued, so please be careful not to lose or misplace your certificate.
・Be sure to securely store the certificate original, and supply copies upon requests from the school to which you are applying for admission.
・Examination Certificates are printed with the details entered or registered upon the submission of applications. JASSO makes no revisions in the contents of these certificates, so please direct any explanations to the school to which you are applying if needed.

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