What is EJU Online?

EJU online is the website which various services regarding Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) are available on the website of Japan Student Services Organization.

Regarding the functions for the individual candidates and the person in charge of group applications

Using EJU online, candidates can make the application procedures when they take the exam in Japan, payment of examination fee, confirmation and revision of application information, confirmation of the exam results after the exam date (only when applying for the exam online), and reissuance of the examination vouchers. EJU online is not availabe when you take the exam outside Japan.

Confirmation of the exam results is available only when the candidates apply for the exams for themselves by using individual "my page ID".
The candidates who select applications by mail, batch registration format of group applications, and application taking the exam outside Japan will take the exam without utilizing my page ID, so they can not check out their scores on the website of EJU online. Moreover, the person in charge of group applications can not browse the scores on EJU online.

About Online Application

Application Method

The following 2 application methods are available.

  • Individual Application
  • Group Applications

Group applications are categorized by Batch Registration format and Individual Application-Collective format.

Payment Method of Application Fee

When applying for the examination, candidates can select credit cards, payment at convenient stores, bank payment (pay-easy) etc.

Examination Voucher and Score Report

Without relating to application methods, the examination vouchers and score reports are sent to the candidates by registered mail.
When choosing group applications, these docunments are sent to the address that the group specify.

Application by Mail (in Japan)

Same as 2017, applications by mail are available.
Please note that the application documents (for the candidates who take the exam in Japan) which are sold in book stores are only for the applications by mail.

Examination Fee, Subject and Examination Date etc.

Same as applications by mail.
The candidates can not take the exam on the internet circumstance. Please take the examination on the site detemined by Japan Student Services Organization.

Please introduce this information.