Q1. Would you tell me something about the application procedure and the application form?

A1.Please refer to Admission Procedure on our web site.
However、more documents may be demanded by the immigration bureau of Japan depending on the difference of countries(regions) and the final academic backgrounds.
Therefore we recommend you to inquire of the school affairs office before your submission.

Q2. Would you please provide details of the visa application?

A2.Tokyo Japanese Education Center is an organization which prepares foreign students for further studies at a university or graduate school, students would be granted a College Student (Ryuugaku) visa.
To be granted a College Student (Ryuugaku) visa, the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Immigration Office is necessary. However the school would represent the student for the application of the COE. The general visa application process is as follows:
1. Upon your application, please submit the necessary documents for the application of the COE to the school. The school will represent the student in submitting the application to the Immigration Bureau of Japan.↓
2. As the issued COE would be sent to the Contact Person, please collect it from him/her。↓
3. Submit your passport, COE and Certificate of Admission to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General of Japan in your country to apply for the student visa.

Q3. Who is a contact person?

A3.A contact person is the person who would play a vital role in establishing communications between the student and the school during the application process and entrance procedures. Also, he/she is responsible for providing a conducive studying environment, assist in health management, and act as an advisor to the student on further studies and daily life.
As a rule, each foreign student should be attached to a contact person who has a close relationship with the student and lives within the city or suburbs.
For students who do not have a contact person, please contact the school's admission department at the following number.

Q4. What about the fees?

A4. The tuition of the course you chosen(1 year course: \799,760yen,1and a half year course: \1,157,940yen) plus the monthly cost of living multiplied by the months of the course(1 year course: 12 months, 1and a half year course: 18 months) is the minimum requirement.
The cost of the living changes on your live in the dormitory or living in your relatives’ home.

Q5.what about the elementary & secondary education is completed in less than 12 years.

A5.At some countries & regions, elementary & secondary education is completed in less than 12 years (10 or 11 years). Students who fall into this case can complete our course and become eligible for Japanese universities.
However、applicants are assumed to have been graduated from the high school. For example, the student who dropped of the high school at grade two does not meet our demands.

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