Graduated from Graudate School Preparatory Course (One and a half year course)

I am Xiong Qiaodi from china. The school where I spent the first one and a half years of my time in Japan is also my start in Japan.
Though now I can speak Japanese fluently, I still feel nervous of living in such a foreign country like Japan. It is this school that could make me calm down. Besides the ability of Japanese, the communication with the Japanese teacher is also important for Japanese study. As a full-time school, there are various tests, homework and examinations every day, so the students have to study Japanese autonomously. University Preparation will be conducted step by step just because of the pressure.
Graduate School Preparatory Course is the important thing for us who want to go to graduate school. We are not only taught about the Graduate schools introduction and how to check the research plan, but also all the things about the examination such as the understanding of the further studies and the manner of the interview. What is the research proposal, how can we begain with it, where can we obtain the materials, how can we write it perfectly, what is the technique of the interview, those things above all can be learned in the school. We mastered the basic knowledge so that we can take exams with confidence.
I also had a valuable time with the Japanese teachers in the school. The teachers gave me much reference on both study and daily life, especially when I was in trouble. Thanks for their kindness and patience that made me grow as both a student and a person.
Studying aboard is not a easy thing. If you can overcome the difficulties that you met, you could feel you have grown up.