Thanks to the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center where I lived my fulfilling student life. This school was not only a school for me, also a home where I belonged to.
The Course content is based on the level of the students.There was often sufferings and troubles when I'd just got here. The teachers offered support in every aspect of my life. They even corrected my application documents one by one and helped me practice interview repeatedly when I applied to college.
Office staffs are also very kind. When I newly arrived to Japan without an acquaintance, I saw everyone as an enemy. The office stuff welcomed me at the gate of the school and showed me around the school which made me feel comfortable here.
Study with students of each country in this school broadened my horizons, and I learned that different views are from different positions. As we all aim to proceed to universities, we encourage each other while we are competing with each other. I even made the most unforgettable friends of my life.
I lived in the dormitory. And I troubled school staffs on meticulous formalities, such as foreigner registration, national health insurance, etc. Japanese resident assistant also lived in the dormitory, with whom I can consult with about the illness or troubles.
The fulfilling student life at the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center has become unforgettable memory of my life.