I am Erick from Mexico. I graduated from this school on March 2003. I couldn’t help thinking about going back to that time when I look back to the days that I studied in the school.
That time was not only precious memories for me, but also became an important part of my growth as a student and as a person. Among those memories of the teachers’ kindness, the friends’ cheerfulness and the valuable experiences, the things that most impressed me are the teaching of the teachers and the communication between people. I can’t forget those teachers who always taught us from their heart enthusiastically with smiles on their face. Even now I am grateful for their good influence that is not only in the Japanese, but also in habits and ways of living. Also the exchanges in the school are great. I can communicate with Japanese and people from various countries. And through the experiences like traveling together, a lot of contests and tournaments, some parties, etc, the students can improve their Japanese.
There is a well-balanced course which combines theoretical approach and practical approach. My suggestion for the students now is “Please try more and more exchanges”, by which you can improve your Japanese.
Since you got the chance to study in this school, just try to experience everything provided. The teachers had tried their best to teach us, and we should try our best to work hard also.
Finally I would like to leave this message, although some of you may already know it: "It doesn't matter to be the number one, what it matters is to be somebody special". So let's do our best.