I have been in Japan for 10 years, and the year I studied in this school is the most valuable time of my life.
I had learned some Japanese before I came to Japan, and I didn’t want to waste my time on starting from the scratch. But soon I found out that I didn’t need to worry about it, because the classes are held according to each student's ability in this school.
We studied the language, also general subjects such as mathematics, history, etc. I have started my music carrier since my childhood, and I practiced Japanese songs as well. I often questioned on lyrics of such songs, teachers always gently taught me about those.
I have also benefited greatly from professors who dedicate their time and energy to us students above and beyond what I would expect. The office staffs are informative and helpful. As a new comer to Japan, I was reassured with this environment.
I still keep in touch with teachers, and I am sometimes invited to take part in cultural exchange programs.
After my graduation from the college, I went on to the graduate school. At the same time I have resumed my music carrier and made a major debut in Vietnam. I am known as a Vietnamese singer artist who sings Japanese song, bridges Vietnam and Japan.