Student Voices(Mr. Jycan Tan Ghee Chung) *Pre-arrival

Mr. Jycan Tan Ghee Chung
-Name of university and department for study in Japan: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU), majored in International Relations.
-Name of high school: Institute Bahasa Teikyo, ACT Educational Institute at the time (private preparatory school for Japanese returnees)
-Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N2 at the time of entrance examination for university and other schools.
-Level of English language test: IELTS Band 8
-Scholarship: JASSO Scholarship (Reservation Program allocated for EJU honor students in the EJU) and reduction of university tuition.
-Present assignment: Working on an internship at UNHCR’s Malaysian office.
(as of 2016)

photo of entrance ceremony

entrance ceremony

photo of camp


photo of Peace Tour

Peace tour

photo of Daily life

Daily life

photo of Dorm


photo of Graduation

Graduation ceremony

photo of Internship

UNHCR Internship