The 14th Hyogo International House Research and Presentation (ONLINE)

presentation (Ms. Sopaj Arbenita)

presentation (Ms. Abrera Rosalie Bien)

presentation (Mr. Polo Glen Grimpola)

presentation (Ms. Lin Qiting)

This event is implemented for promoting interaction among participants and forming intellectual networks.
HIH residents introduced what they study at thier university or institute through Oral Presentation.
*This time, we held the event without audience due to COVID-19. We took a video of the event and published it on our YouTube channel "TIEC &HIH channel" for a period of time.

1. Shooting Date

September, Thursday 10 ~ Sunday 13, 2020

2. Venue

1F Meeting Room and 3F Multi-Purpose Hall
Hyogo International House (1-2-8 Wakinohamacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo)

3. Program

1. Opening Address

Comment on the 14th Research and Presentation, Hyogo International House

This Research and Presentation at Hyogo International House, HIH is the 14th session and also its first session for online since we started in 2014. As you know, the whole world is involved with COVID-19 pandemic and here Hyogo is no exception. We always have to take self-measures to prevent infection. The Research and Presentation sessions have been held under ordinary circumstances with many audiences including the residents of HIH. However this time each presentation had been done without audiences. So you can watch 14th session that we had shot in advance on our web page.
Since 2017 I have attended the Research and Presentation at HIH every time. It was my pleasure to watch earnest presentations that given by foreign students, to hear admirable questions to presenters from audience, and to take part in the networking party after session. Under the circumstance of expansion of COVID-19 I am very disappointed that we cannot share this joyful experience. Unlike usual events this time we can enjoy only part of presentations on our web page. But I hope that people who have not taken part in the Research and Presentation at HIH ever will watch presentations through internet.
Lastly, questions and comments are welcome on our web page, please send us your comments or questions after watching presentations and join us in The Research and Presentation session at HIH.

The acting sub superintendent, Hyogo International House
Sub director, Kinki Regional Office, JASSO

2. Oral Presentation

(1) Ms. Sopaj Arbenita (Kosovo / Kobe University)

photo (Ms. Sopaj Arbenita)

presentation (Ms. Sopaj Arbenita)

Presentation Title: The US role in Japan, Timor-Leste, and Kosovo Constitution

Comment: My study is based on a qualitative and empirical approach.
It will contain data collected from archives, books, academic journals, and daily news.
After it will be analyzed and compared with previous results obtained from scholars.
Due to unprecedented times that we are going through, I will present without the audience. Without further due, I shall start the presentation.
This research is mainly focused on the US role in Japan from 1941-1947, in Timor-Leste from 1975-2002, and Kosovo from 1998-2008. Its influence in the mentioned countries is very particular due to variable approaches in the events taken place. Since it is the first presentation of the research, it will be slightly different from the final version. Please refer to the final presentation for a more concise presentation. If you have any questions or comments for this research, feel free to contact me at arbenitasopaj at mark (Please convert "at mark" to @ when you send an e-mail to her)
Thank you for your attention.

(2) Ms Abrera Rosalie Bien (Philippines / Kobe University)

photo (Ms. Abrera Rosalie Bien)

presentation (Ms. Abrera Rosalie Bien)

Presentation Title: Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements on the Manufacturing Export Performance of the Phillipines

Comment: Brief description of my study:
Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements (PTA) on the Manufacturing Export Performance of the Philippines
This study aims to contribute to existing literature on PTA effects through a country-specific study of Philippine PTAs and their impact on manufacturing exports. It uses the Poisson Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood (PPML) with fixed effects to address selection bias and account for multilateral resistance terms (MRTs).

(3) Mr. Polo Glen Grimpola (Philippines / Kobe University)

photo (Mr. Polo Glen Grimpola)

presentation (Mr. Polo Glen Grimpola)

Presentation Title: Using Online Price Data in Measuring the Consumer Price Index in the National Capital Region,Philippines

Comment: This is the brief description of my presentation:
This research explores the use of online price data for the generation of the consumer price index for selected commodity groups in the National Capital Region, Philippines. Patterned after the researches done by statistical offices in different countries and the Billion Prices Project by Alberto Cavallo of MIT, price data are automatically collected from the websites of sample stores via web scraping through a web scraper program designed using Python language. This research is presented to the faculty of Kobe University-Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) as a requirement for the completion of the Master in Economics degree.

(4) Ms. Lin Qiting (China / Kobe University)

photo (Ms. Lin Qiting)

presentation (Ms. Lin Qiting)

Presentation Title: 看護研究は何 What is Nursing Research?

Comment: 私の発表の内容について簡単なコメントを書かせていただきます。

4. Q&A

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*Currently, new questions are not available.

5. Viewing Fee

*Everyone can view the videos

6. Language

Japanese or English (only original voice)

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