As of October 3, 2012

JASSO held Japan Education Fair 2012 (Korea) as described below.

1. Objective

This Fair is designed to provide Korean students and educators with up-to-date and correct information about the Japanese higher education and research by the participating institutions and organizations in order to help the students select an appropriate school and achieve their academic pursuits, thereby promoting study in Japan.

2. Venue, Dates and Number of Participants

(1) Busan
BEXCO (Busan Exhibition & Convention Center)
(#1291 Woo2-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea)
September 8 (Sat.) 2012, 09:45-16:00
Number of Participants: 1,750

(2) Seoul
SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition Center)
(514 Daechi-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
September 9 (Sun.) 2012, 10:45-17:00
Number of Participants: 2,450

Photo of Japan Education Fair (Korea) 2012 (hall)_1

Photo of Japan Education Fair (Korea) 2012 (poster)

3. Audience

High school and university students wishing to study in Japan, and educational administrators

Photo of Japan Education Fair (Korea) 2012 (entrance)

Photo of Japan Education Fair (Korea) 2012 (hall)_2

4. Sponsors and Supporters

(1) Sponsor:
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

(2) Cosponsors:
The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
National Association of Vocational Schools of Japan
Metropolitan Tokyo Professional Institution Association
Federation of Koreans Studied in Japan
Korean Japanese Association
Center of Korea-Japanese Exchange, Busan

Embassy of Japan in Korea
Consulate-General of Japan in Busan

The Japan Foundation, Seoul

5. Program, Service and Responsibility of Exhibitors

(1)Reference service and distribution of brochures
Exhibitors shall show reference materials and distribute school catalogs and brochures.

(2) Individual consultation
Universities and colleges participating in the Fair shall give advice to people who intend to study in Japan concerning their educational system, educational programs, admission procedures, and characteristics, etc. and also provide information about the future partnership between Japanese and Korean universities. Other exhibiting organizations provide information about their programs for consultation.

(3) Orientation
Video presentation for studying in Japan by JASSO, Explanation of Japanese Government Scholarship by Embassy of Japan in Korea, and so on.

Photo of Japan Education Fair (Korea) 2012_5

6. Exhibitors (Universities and Japanese Language Institutes)

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