* JASSO participates in the exhibitions sponsored by "Visit Japan Campaign" and sets up booths dedicated to promoting Study in Japan. Distribution of materials and face-to-face counselling are provided there.

1. Republic of Korea

Title: The 26th Korea World Travel Fair (KOFTA2013)
Convention & Exhibition Center (COEX)
Date: May 30 (Thu.)- June 2 (Sun.), 2013

2. Malaysia

Title: MATTA Fair Kuala Lumpur 2013
Putra World Trade Centre
Date: September 6 (Fri.) - 8 (Sun.), 2013


Title:Thai International Travel Fair 2014(TITF)
Queen Sirkit National Convention Center Bangkok
Date: February 20 (Thu.) - 23 (Sun.), 2014

*In addition to the above, JASSO participates in the exhibitions sponsored by educational institutions and other related organizations. Seminars, distribution of materials and face-to-face counselings are provided there.

1. Malaysia

Title: Japan Educational Seminar 2013 in Malaysia (Global 30)
City: Kuala Lumpur
Date: June 29 (Sat.), 2013


Title: College Fair for International Students in Fukuoka
City: Fukuoka
Date: September 4 (Wed.), 2013

3. Mongolia and Cambodia

1)Study-in-Japan-Fair in Mongolia by JICA
2)Study-in-Japan-Fair in Cambodia by JICA
Cities and Dates:
1) Ulaanbaatar: October 6 (Sun.), 2013
2) Phnom Penh: October 19 (Sat.), 2013


Title: Study in Japan fair organized by Tukuba university
City: Rabato
Date: October 23 (Wed.), 2013

5.United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Title:Najah Exhibition Abu Dhabi
City: Abu Dhabi
Venue: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC)
Date: October 29 (Wed.) - October 31(Thu.), 2013

6.Republic of Chile

Title: UTokyo Forum 2013
City: Chile
Venue: Santiago
Dates: November 7 (Thu.) - November 8 (Fri.),2013


Title:Cam nhan Nhat Ban
Cities and dates:
(1)Hochi Minh City:December 8th (Sun.),2013
(2)Hanoi:December 15 (Sun.),2013

8. Indonesia

Title: Global 30 Japan Educational Seminar
Cities and Dates:
1) Jakarta: January 25 (Sat.),2014
2) Yogyakarta: January 26 (Sun.),2014


City :Shanghai
Dates:March 22 (Sat.)-23(Sun.),2014