As of October 19, 2018

Study in Japan Fair 2018 (Inter-University Exchange Program: Europe) Banner

1 Implementation Guidance

1. Objective

The Fair is designed to provide international exchange program administrators attending the EAIE Annual Conference with information about participating Japanese universities, as well as to promote networking among exchange partner universities and institutions through exchanges with the conference participants and positive involvement to the conference.

2. Country, Venue and Dates

3. Target

Educational administrators participating in the EAIE Annual Conference, etc.

4. Organizers

(1) Organizer

(2) Co-organizer

(3) Cooperator

5. Program

(1) Individual consultation

(2) Brochure display and distribution

(3) Participation in workshops and sessions

6. Participating institutions

7. Programs Offered by Exhibitors

2 Results of the Implementation

Study in Japan Fair 2018 (Europe) Venue, Booth, Seminar

Study in Japan Fair 2018 (Europe) Venue, Booth, Seminar