As of October 18, 2018

Study in Japan Fair 2018 (Vietnam) Banner

1. Implementation Guidance

1. Objective

This fair is designed to provide students and educators from Vietnamese with up-to-date and correct information about Japanese higher education and research in order to help the students select an appropriate school and achieve their academic pursuits, thereby promoting study in Japan.

2. Venue and Dates

(1) Ho Chi Minh City

(2) Hanoi

3. Target

High school and university students wishing to study in Japan, college guidance counselors and international educators, etc.

4. Organizer and Supporters

(1) Organizer

(2) Co-organizers

(3) Supporters

(4) Cooperators

5. Program

(1) Brochure display and distribution

(2) Individual consultation

(3) Seminar

6. Participating Institutions

2. Results of the Implementation

(1) Ho Chi Minh City

(2) Hanoi

Study in Japan Fair 2018 (Vietnam) Venue, Seminar

Study in Japan Fair 2018 (Vietnam) Venue, Booths