Japan Student Services Organization (hereafter "JASSO") offers Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students who attend a university or other institution of higher education in Japan. In conjunction with this scholarship, JASSO sponsors a reservation program that sets aside scholarship allotments for privately financed international students who achieve a superior score on the EJU, and enroll as regular students in a university undergraduate school, a junior college, college of technology (3rd glade or upper), or a special training college in Japan.

(1) Eligibility / Conditions for Applying

Those taking the English version of the Mathematics (Course 1 or 2), Science, or Japan & the World tests are also eligible to apply.

Note 1: Those enrolling in a graduate school is not eligible to participate in this reservation program.
Note 2: If a particular subject test combination is taken by a very small number of examinees, there may be cases when no scholarship candidates will be selected from that group.
Note 3: Applicants will be considered for selection on the basis of the subjects they indicated on their EJU application form, regardless of whether they are not taking certain subject tests.

(2) Scholarship Amount

The scholarship (undergraduate level) is paid in the monthly amount determined for that school year. (The amount is subject to change each year. For reference, the monthly stipend for the 2018 school year was JPY48,000.)

(3) Duration of Scholarship

After a scholarship has been reserved for an applicant, it is awarded for a certain period that is based on the time that the applicant enrolls in a Japanese university undergraduate school, a junior college, college of technology, or a specialized training college.

Applicants who have been selected for Reservation Program set out in (5) Selection 1. will extend duration until completing your course of study when the applicant enrolls in a Japanese university undergraduate school, a junior college, college of technology, or a special training college. The applicants must meet all qualifications (see following document).

(4) Application Procedure

In order to be considered for reservation, applicants need to mark a circle in the appropriate box on the EJU application form.

(5) Selection

The following conditions will decide the reservation recipients among candidates for the honor scholarship for privately financed international students:

(6) Notification of the Selection Results

Applicants selected for the scholarship will be notified with the Reservation Notice for Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students. (hereafter, “Reservation Notice”).

(7) Acceptance of Scholarship

In order to be able to claim their scholarships, candidates need to submit their Reservation Notice and the prescribed scholarship application to their host university/college, which will forward the documents to JASSO. Please note that anyone who changes affiliation (by transferring to another school, etc.) after being selected as a scholarship recipient cannot receive the scholarship again as a reservation holder, even if affiliation changed during the scholarship payment period indicated in section (3) above.

(8) Cancellation of Entitlement

Scholarship reservations will be cancelled if any of the following circumstances occurs. In the event of annulment, the student will no longer be able to use his or her Reservation Notice to request the scholarship.

(9) Disbursement Requirements

To receive the scholarship payments as a reservation holder, candidates must meet all of the following requirements.

(10) Termination of Disbursements under the Reservation Program

Scholarship payments to students selected as recipients under the reservation program may be terminated after enrollment if any of the following situations occurs and the President of JASSO deems that termination is necessary.

(11) Non-EJU Universities

Candidates who enroll as regular students at an institution that does not use EJU scores in its admission process remain eligible to claim their scholarships as long as they enroll in a university undergraduate school, a junior college, college of technology(3rd grade or upper), or a specialized training college’s vocational program in Japan.

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