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Japanese Language Education Centers

Aims of Japanese Language Education Centers

1. Cultivating human resources assume international affairs.
2. Cultivation of advanced human resources to be flourished internationally.
3. Providing leading informative platform of Japanese language Education.

Features of Japanese Language Education Centers

Recognized school for preparatory education

Our “University Preparatory Course” is recognized as “JUMBIKYOUIKUKATEI” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the Japanese government.

* Upon the completion of our university preparatory course, students who have completed formal secondary education in less than 12 years in their countries or elsewhere, become qualified to take entrance examinations of universities in Japan.

Admittance of foreign students of various background

Students of about 30 countries / regions have been entering annually. We mainly accept those students dispatched by Japanese or foreign governments. In order to enhance friendly competitions to each others, and comprehension of different cultures, we admit private students as well. And we have been positively accepting non-KANJI using countries / regions.

Corresponding to education for students proceeding to postgraduate course.

Apart from “University Preparatory Course”, designed for students proceeding to undergraduate course at universities, we also offer “Graduate School Preparatory Course”, which is exclusively designed for those proceeding to postgraduate course. Academic Japanese necessary for graduate schools is taught and presentation of research and seminar, writing of thesis are also instructed.

Education emphasized on core subjects for students proceeding to undergraduate course

Students are divided into natural science and liberal arts course, and their classes formed according to students ability, together with classes of curriculum corresponding to EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students), Japanese and core subjects (English, mathematics, science and comprehensive subject ) needed by students.

Originally created & developed Japanese Textbooks

Based on our long experiences in Japanese education, our Japanese textbooks are created & developed on our own. Some of them are on Sale.

Full - fledged education system

Classes of small number of students, experienced teachers effectively monitor and provide guidance in our class – based system. Professional staffs provide detailed consultation and guidance, resulting good record of achievements annually.

Well – equipped facilities

Classrooms, Language Laboratory, PC room, consultation room, space for lunch, student hall and school dormitory.

Various educational opportunities other than classes

We offer various activities, such as school trips, field trip, club activities, home staying programs.

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