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Summer Course

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  • Short term Japanese Conversation Course for Summer at Osaka Japanese Language Education Center

Duration:Thursday, July 16th to Friday, August 6th, 2020.
* For 3 weeks, Monday through Friday (Except Saturdays, Sundays & National holidays)

1. Contents

-Hours:10:10 am to 3:00 pm(50 min. x 4 classes per day)
-Contents:Intensive conversation classes for Beginner and Intermediate levels
-Participation fee:JPY 65,000 (including textbook) *Non refund
*Participant shall pay expenses (other than participation fee) for transportation. Prepare own lunch.
-Target: An applicant must be 15 years or older, lives within Japan and, who is able to act on his/her own responsibilities. An applicant who can follow the rules of new life for prevention of the COVID-19.
*If an applicant is under 18 years old, he/she needs consent for the participation from one’s parent(s) who lives in Japan.
-The full quote for per class: 6 persons (one class each for beginner and Intermediate)
(3 classes are expected to be held. Minimum participant count for each class: 8 persons)

2. Application details

Application deadline: July 8th, 2020
* The school reserves the right to close the application before the deadline should the application exceeds the maximum intake.

Items needed for application:
(1)Application form and Agreement/ Consent form
Fill out the application and agreement / consent forms and place your photo taken within 3 months in the given position.
(Write down your name and birthday on the back of photo) *Photo size 5 x 4 cm
<All applicants>
Carefully read and understand the section of Agreement and sign the given space.
<Applicants who are under 18 years old>
An applicant who is under 18 years needs permission from one’s parent (s) for participation. Please ask your parent (s) to read the Agreement and have him/her sign the Consent form.

(2)Participation fee:JPY65,000. (included textbook)
*Note that as a rule, the tuitions once paid will not be refund under any circumstances.

(3)Photocopy of passport or resident card
Hand in a photocopy of passport, where has your photo page or copy of resident card (both sides)

How to apply:
* Please send us the application and agreement / consent forms by e-mail, fax or post mail with a photo copy of your passport or resident card. Refrain from coming tp the school for application.

How to settle participation fee:
Payment details (our bank details) will be informed after receipt of application.
*You will be contacted through telephone or e-mail stated on the application form.
*Participation fee needs to be settled through bank transfer. We do not accept cash.

*Participant needs to arrange accommodation, health management, transportation to the school and, meals (lunch) by him/herself.
*Consult us, if you want to stay in the school dorm during the course period.
*School is carrying out preventive measurements for the virus but, we also need participants’ cooperation. Note that we may reject your participation if you do not follow the prevention measurement for the virus or give us false statement on your health conditions or overseas travel history.

Conversational ability of each class :
Class Object Contents JLPT equivalent level
Beginner Greeting, Simple conversation -Able to exchange greetings
-Able to answer to simple questions
-Able to carry out simple errands at stores or restaurants
Intermediate Daily conversation -Able to carry out daily conversation
-Able to ask one’s favors
-Able to express one’s feeling
-Ablle to explain reasons
-Able to converse using the honorifics

3. Application forms and Agreement/ Consent forms

4. Flyer

5. For inquires and application

Image of inquiries

Independent Administrative Institution
Japan Student Services Organization
Osaka Japanese Language Education Center

8-3-13 Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 543-0001 Japan
TEL +81-6-6774-0033 FAX +81-6-6774-0788
info-oskn<@> (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)
* When sending e-mails, please remove "<" and ">" before and after "@".
Office hours: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday thru Friday
*Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and Year-end and New Year Holidays
7 minutes walk from "Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka" Station of Tanimachi Line

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