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Photo of the dormitory
  • Dormitory of Osaka Japanese Language Education Center

  • This dormitory is intended for students, who are enrolled in Osaka Japanese Language Education Center’s Preparatory Course.
  • The purpose of providing a dormitory is not only for the school life support but is also for promotion of cultural and international exchanges among the students, through fun and disciplined community life, and local people who live in the area.



8-3-13 Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 543-0001 (on school property)

Tel 06-6774-0033

photo of a parivate room of the dormitory
Private room

(7 minutes walk from "Shitennoujimae Yuhigaoka" Station of Tanimachi Line. )


Reinforced concrete structure (4 stories above ground)


54 single rooms (9.6 square meters)


  • -Overhead light, desk, chair, storage chest, bed, bedclothes (leased with charge)
  • -Telephone (receiving calls only) , air conditioner, desk lamp, refrigerator
photo of the cafeteria of the dormitory and school

Commmon facilities

  • -Common kitchen, laundry rooms (coin-operated), shower rooms (coin-operated), lavatories (Above 3 facilities are separated by genders)
  • -Cafeteria (use with school), lounge

Support for daily life

  • -Resident assistants (RAs):Japanese RAs live in the dormitory and give students advice on their daily life in Japan.
  • -Counselor (on mental health): A clinical psychologist visits the school twice a month.
  • -Doctor (on physical health):An industrial physician visits the school once a month.


  • -Admission(20,000 yen, in one payment), Deposit (30,000 yen, in one payment, refundable)
  • -Rent(26,000 yen per month), Wi-fi usage fee (2,000 yen per month), Bedclothes lease & cleaning( per month), Electric charge(actual cost)
photo of exchange with a resident assistant
Exchange with a resident assistant

photo of a common kitchen of the dormitory
Common kitchen
photo of a laundry room of the dormitory
Laundry room
photo of a shower room of the dormitory
Shower room



  • -An applicant must be enrolled at Osaka Japanese Language Education Center under Student Visa.
  • -An applicant must be well-disciplined and cooperative.
  • -An applicant must be interested in and cooperative with international exchanges.
  • -An applicant must be industrial and maintain good grades (attendance as well)

Key Rules

How to Apply

The office will inform the procedure to the persons admitted to our preparatory course and with the intention to be enrolled in our dormitory.

* Please notice that not all persons will be enrolled due to the limited number of the dormitory rooms.

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