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Japan Alumni eNews

The E-mail Newsletter for International Students in Japan- Bringing the benefits of networking to former, current and prospective students -

For Who?

  • For those who wish to study in Japan
    For those who are studying in Japan
    For those who have finished studying in Japan

Delivery Schedule
  • Delivered on the tenth every month (When the tenth is holiday, delivered on weekday before or after the tenth)

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Latest Issue



Introducing JASSO Scholarship information, invitation program, Japan Education Fairs, the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)

  • JASSO latest information
    Study in Japan Event information of JASSO Overseas Representative Offices
    Reports from Fellows for Follow-up Research Fellowship
    Reports from Fellows for Follow-up Research Guidance

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Life in Japan by Photo

What are your favorite spots in Japan?

  • Introduce the lives and memorable photos of international students
    Introduce Japanese seasons by photo

Alumni News

Introduce news related to international students and student experiences!

  • News on international students
    Introduction of former international students
    Introduction of current international students
    Introduction of prospective international students
    Introduction of Japan Alumni Associations, Windows of Alumni, JASSO Public Facilities to Access Information on Study in Japan
    Introduction of Programs for former international students (what Japanese universities or other institutions are doing)

Academic News

Introduce scholarships, grants, unique efforts by universities, and more!

  • Introducing Faculties/ Graduate Schools
    Scholarships/ Grants/ Invitation/ Awards, etc.
    Introduction and Report on Scholarships/ Grants/ Invitation/ Awards
    Academic Symposiums
    Academic Societies
    Japanese Language Test Information

(Image) Students

Business News

Provide information related to job hunting for current international students and graduates!

  • Job Hunting Event Information
    Job Hunting Reports from Former International Students
    Convenient Job Hunting Information

Visit Japan


Why not try traveling throughout Japan?

  • Famous places, events, and cuisine from around Japan

NIPPON Information

Introduce information about current hot topics in Japanese society and living situations and useful information pertaining to Japan!

  • NIPPON Time Machine
    Lifestyle Information

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  • TEL (telephone) number is +81-3-5520-6030
  • FAX (facsimile) number is +81-3-5520-6031
  • E-mail address is alumni-newsletter at mark
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