TIEC Photo Contest 2017


Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) hold the "Photo Contest" for international students and Japanese students who live in TIEC, and staffs of Tokyo Academic Park*. We dicided the grand prize of photo contest by your vote.

*Tokyo Academic Park is a consortium of Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC), National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Tokyo Waterfront.


(1) Organizer: Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
(2) Co-Organizer: Tokyo Academic Park

2. Date and Time

Saturday, October 21th, 2017 - Sunday, November 5th, 2017
(Awards presentation ceremony was held on November 30th, 2017)

3. Venue

Tokyo International Exchange Center
(Tokyo Academic Park, 2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

4. Theme

"Home of my heart"

5. Admission



92 Photography that was taken by residents and staffs of Tokyo Academic Park

7.Number of votes


2017’s winners!

Grand Prize:"Mombasa Beach"

"Mombasa Beach"

Only in Japanese.

JASSO President Prize:"Nostalgic person"

"Nostalgic person"

Only in Japanese.

TIEC Prize:"From memories to future"

"From memories to future"

A man standing by the lake, remembering the past, full of memories and moments. The flying bird, could be the symbol of hopes and dreams which are coming true.

Miraikan Prize:"Tranquility of Heart: Starry Night in Mount. Fuji"

"Tranquility of Heart: Starry Night in Mount. Fuji"

Only in Japanese.

AIST Tokyo Waterfront Prize:"An essence from the past"

"An essence from the past"

An authentic coffee shop which is always memorized in my mind by its famous beautiful skylight, where it is located in the middle of the court of four historical buildings.

Honorable Mention:"Country Roads"

"Country Roads"

Inspired by Studio Ghibli's Famous movie: "Whisper of the Heart". This picture is the essence of all that has made me fall in love with Tokyo.

Honorable Mention:"My Shiny Mom"

"My Shiny Mom"

This photo of my Mom was taken during my summer vacation in my Hometown, after spending 1 year in Japan, far from home.

Honorable Mention:"Koi No Yokan"

"Koi No Yokan"

Thousands of kilometers from our hometowns, and thousands of steps beyond our comfort zones, our hearts finally found their home. I asked, and she said yes.

Honorable Mention:"Harbor of Soul"

"Harbor of Soul"

NipponMaru lying peacefully in the harbor at MinatoMirai. It is such an impressing and inspiring scenery, that:
“Always smile to those sunny days and be ready to set your sails.”

Honorable Mention:"My beloved Grandfather"

"My beloved Grandfather"

As young kid, we like to celebrate Chinese New Year because we can receive red packet from elderly. This memory will retain in mind after the departure of my grandfather.

Honorable Mention:"Home is Where the Heart Is"

"Home is Where the Heart Is"

This photo was taken during our most recent vacation back in our hometown in the Philippines. For us, one thing is clear-that no matter where we go, home is always where the heart is.

Honorable Mention:"My Memorable First Immediate Family Vacation in Korea"

"My Memorable First Immediate Family Vacation in Korea"

Home of My Heart is not live materialistically. Nonetheless, spending the priceless moments and memories with your lovely ones. Home is in my heart when every moments we spend together.

Honorable Mention:"Beautiful summer sky!"

"Beautiful summer sky!"

Beautiful view of the blue sky on a clear summer day.

Honorable Mention:"The Way Back Home"

"The Way Back Home"

This is the photo that I took while travelling in the countryside of China. In fact, it's not my hometown, but I adore the feeling of this kind of place deep in my soul. Hope you will like it.

Honorable Mention:"OZE"


Only in Japanese.

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