TIEC Photo Contest fiscal year 2021

Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) has held the "Photo Contest" for international students and Japanese students who live in TIEC, and staffs of Tokyo Academic Park*.

*Tokyo Academic Park is a consortium of Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC), National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Tokyo Waterfront.

  • This contest is subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation

1. Organizers

2. Theme

"A Happy Day"

3. Duration of Exhibition

Monday, February 7th, 2022 - Thursday, February 24th, 2022
(Result of photo contest announced on March 23th, 2022)

4. About the Exhibition

Online Exhibition

5. Exhibits

37 Photos that was taken by residents and staffs of Tokyo Academic Park.

6. Numberof votes

Facebook: 1,544 (Like Button)
Voting form: 165 (Number of votes)

7. 2022's Winners!

Grand Prize : Cats and Me - Happiness on the Road

cat and child

Explanation of the photo is written in Japanese only.


sand dunes

Indeed 'a happy day' in the sand dunes of Swakopmund, a tourists attraction area in Namibia. Magg D's picture says it all, ' a happy day filled with happiness and joy.

Miraikan Prize : My can sunbathing


It was a sunny day and my cat was using the best of it

AIST Tokyo Waterfront Prize : Happiness with Lover

Happiness with Lover

I would like to give explanation with my Haiku. ''海岸で 時間が止まる 幸多し''

Special Prize : Refreshing sunset

Refreshing sunset

Enjoying the tropical sunset at Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka while having a dip in the pool to end the day in a happy and calm note.

Honorable Mention : What kind of king do you want to be?


Explanation of the photo is written in Japanese only.


mother and daughter

Explanation of the photo is written in Japanese only.

Honorable Mention : Beautiful Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji

Explanation of the photo is written in Japanese only.

Honorable Mention : Every day can be a happy day

Honorable Mention4「tree reflected in the water」

It is not always possible to travel far, but the beauty is usually within the reach, like this reflection of the autumn tree next to TIEC just after the rain.

Honorable Mention : A Happy Day with a Golden Moment

mother, child and autumn leaves

The golden moments of our lives blend in fulfillment with the deepest joy and love, you share with your loved one. Enjoying our first "Aki" (Autumn) moment in Japan.

Honorable Mention : Falling over foliage

Falling over foliage

So happy I got to visit Jingu Avenue to experience for the first time, Japan's colorful and wonderful autumn season!

Honorable Mention : The First Fall of Snow is Magical

winter scenery with snow

In this pandemic situation, happiness is undoubtedly extreme when you meet with your love after a long time and enjoy the snowfall for the first time in life.

Honorable Mention : Mingled in Nature

natual landscape

Our trip to this place was organized after a long planning and delays but it was super delightful to be in lush green valley away from the bustling heat of Tokyo. - Kamikochi Valley, July 2021

Honorable Mention : Nature of Beauty

natual landscape

I would like to share about nature of beauty with people so I chose it. This photo is showing about reducing anger, fear and stress and increasing pleasant feelings.Nature impacts are so many on humans so from us, lets take of our nature and lets reduce global warnings.

Honorable Mention : Dare to live the life you always wanted

cherry blossoms and person

Oneday, you will be a solo traveler in your life journey. But, do not fear to proceed. Nature is welcoming you each day as a happy day.

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