TIEC Photo Contest 2018


Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) hold the "Photo Contest" for international students and Japanese students who live in TIEC, and staffs of Tokyo Academic Park*. We dicided the grand prize of photo contest by your vote.

*Tokyo Academic Park is a consortium of Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC), National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Tokyo Waterfront.

  • This contest is subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation

1. Organizers

(1) Organizer: Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
(2) Co-Organizer: Tokyo Academic Park

2. Theme

"Source of personal energy"

3. Duration of Exhibition

Saturday, August 11th, 2018 - Sunday, September 2nd, 2018
(Awards presentation ceremony was held on October 3rd, 2018)

4. About the Exhibition

Exhibition Place

Tokyo International Exchange Center, Plaza Heisei 1F, Multipurpose Space
(Tokyo Academic Park, 2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
*Admission: Free

Special page of TIEC Photo Contest

5. Exhibits

92 Photography that was taken by residents and staffs of Tokyo Academic Park.

6. Number of votes

Exhibition Place: 397
Facebook: 1473 (Like Button)

7. 2018's winners!

Grand Prize:"A little kiss for breakfast"

"A little kiss for breakfast"

Every morning, as I open my eyes I receive a little kiss and a beautiful smile that in her language just tells me "papa, wake up and work hard again! "

JASSO President Prize:"On harvest day"

"On harvest day"

The photo of three generations of a farming family on harvest day. Despite hot weather, the smiles are always on their faces. The optimism is a everyday-source of their personal energy.

TIEC Prize:"On Our Way To Grow"

"On Our Way To Grow"

There is a young mother helped her kid jump over the stream between river stones in Kamogawa River, Kyoto. I captured the moment and felt the love from every mother on our growth.

Miraikan Prize:"Family Smile"

"Family Smile"

Only in Japanese.

AIST Tokyo Waterfront Prize:"Umeboshi"


Only in Japanese.

Special Prize (Exhibition Place):"a surprise attack "

"a surprise attack "

Only in Japanese.

Special Prize (Facebook):"The Beauty of the Nile"

"The Beauty of the Nile"

The Nile River is considered the longest river in the world. The blue water, blue sky, sun shines, soft breeze blows along the Nile, all keeping you cool and happy.

Honorable Mention:"Vitamin SEA"

"Vitamin SEA"

I sat down on the beach, I absorb the vitamin sea, and look beyond horizon
The sea reminds us of how little we need to survive...
This fisherman does not need a google map…

Honorable Mention:"Bodhi's source of energy"

"Bodhi's source of energy"

Grab your food. Find your path. Live your life.

Honorable Mention:"Shiny ever after"

"Shiny ever after"

My source of energy is definitely my family, especially when we are happy. When they are smiling, nothing can make me depressed.

Honorable Mention:"Fisherman Spirit-Fishing is the life for me. Never stop trying, never stop believing, never give up, you will get the catch of your life."

"Fisherman Spirit"

A day without fishing is like a day without sunshine. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Every cast is a new opportunity.

Honorable Mention:"HAPPINESS"


My favorite thing is feeling happy and bringing joy to people I care about. So naturally I love capturing people’s happiness in my pictures.

Honorable Mention:"Crane Watching at Dawn"

"Crane Watching at Dawn"

Watching Red-crowned cranes at the break of dawn as they settle on a frost covered river.

Honorable Mention:"Japanese Veggie Ramen"

"Japanese Veggie Ramen"

Source of personal energy: My source of personal energy after coming to Japan is eating Raman with gyoza. Ramen is the most delicious and tastiest food in Japan among the Japanese food varities. It is so satisfying to eat Japanese ramen whenever you are happy or sad. Hope everyone accepts it. I like to capture different kinds of foods with my camera.

Honorable Mention:"Be together"

"Be together"

The lovely cat has been with the growing up of the small girl for years. They are close friends. The photo was taken in Kazakhstan.

Honorable Mention:"Above the Summit"

"Above the Summit"

Only in Japanese.

Honorable Mention:"White Tokyo"

"White Tokyo"

The snow changed Tokyo into magical place. We should always look for the unexpected beauty!

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