The 53rd TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar (ONLINE)




1.Date and Time

Saturday, December 11th, 2021


Online (YouTube Live)
※ Archive streaming is now availble.


Mr. OWADA Yasutsune

He was born in Tokyo in 1972. He left from the doctoral course of faculty of letters in Kokugakuin University. He specializes in Japanese medieval history. He is currently a lecturer at Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University, Extension Center of Waseda University and trustee member of Japan Castle Foundation. His main authored works are ”Sengoku Kassenshi Ziten” (SHINKIGENSHA), ”Tenku-no Shiro wo Iku” (HEIBONSHA), ”Nihonno Shiro, Shirogassen” (SEITOSHA), ”Zukan Bugu” (Gijutsu-Hyoron), and so on. He provided information on long-running TV series ”Kiringa kuru” produced by NHK in 2020.


She is a representative director of International Samurai Association. Her ancestor was Tokugawa shogun's retainer who went to the front of the Tsukuda Island for the guard of a foreign ship in the first year of Ansei (1854). She has learned Naginata after childhood. Also, she succeeded the Isshin-school of old style Naginata and established International Samurai Association. She is currently active in introducing samurai culture to overseas countries.


SAMURAI~Spirit of Japan~

5. Program

15:00pm-15:10pm Opening Address

15:10pm-16:00pm Part 1 (Mr. OWADA Yasutsune)

An Introduction to Samurai ~from its origins to the end of samurai period~

16:10pm-17:00pm Part 2 (Mr. OWADA Yasutsune)

The Battle Manners, Tactics, Armors and Swords etc

17:10pm-18:00pm Part 3 (Ms. EBISAWA Ran)

Living in the Present with Samurai Wisdom

18:10pm-18:40pm Part 4 (Ms.EBISAWA Ran)

Zen in movement!? NAGINATA Performance


TIEC residents and open to public

7.Viewing fee

*Everyone can view the event


Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation provided)
TIEC&HIH channel (English / Simultaneous interpretation voice)
TIEC&HIH channel (Japanese / Original voice)

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