The 57th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar [Experience the Amazing World of DAIKAGURA ~ Move Your Heart & Bring You Tears! ~]

Mr.HOURAIYA, a speaker, is giving a lecture.

Mr.HOUYAIYA is showing the DAIKAGURA performance

Participants are trying to spin plate

1.Date and Time

Saturday, July 29, 2023


International Conference Hall, Plaza Heisei 3F, Tokyo International Exchange Center(TIEC),
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo



In 1994, debuted as a stage actor.
Assisted in the production os performances.
In 2015, studied under the Japanese traditional performing arts master, LUCKY KOUJI.
Joined the HOURAIYA clan and received the name "KOUKI." His show places emphasis on entertainment, arranging Japanese traditional arts in contemporary style.


Theme: Experience the Amazing World of DAIKAGURA ~ Move Your Heart & Bring You Tears! ~

Frist session:14:00pm-15:00pm

Lecture and Performance
"The Daikagura and I"

Second session:15:10pm-16:00pm

Experience Daikagura

  • *The second session is for venue participants only.

5. Application(By July 26th)

The application deadline for participants has passed.
Online viewing dose not require application, so please take a look.

6.Online viewing

Only the first session will be live and archive streaming by YouTube.
No registrarion is required for it.


TIEC residents and open to public
If you are interested in Japanese culture and international exchange, please join us!

8.Participation Fee



Simultaneous interpretation available in English and Japanese

  • *Subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation
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