The 55th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar [Architecture Japanese Castle ~城の建築~]

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Streaming screen with slides explaining Japanese castles

1.Date and Time


Online (YouTube)

  • *Archive streaming of "Lecture" is now available on YouTube.

3.Guest Speaker

Ms. HAGIWARA Sachiko

She writes, lectures, and appears in media and events.
She is the author of “Let's Go to the Castle!” (IWANAMI JUNIOR SHINSHO), "The Science of Castles: The 'Super' Technology of Unique Keeps" (KODANSHA BLUE BACKS), "Secrets of the Japanʼs Top 100 Castles " (SHOGAKUKAN), "Dictionary of Japanese Castle Words" (SEIBUNDO SHINKOSHA), and "100 Great Castles in Japan and Continuing Journey Around the 100 Great Castles in Japan" (ONE PUBLISHING). In addition, she has published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines.


Architecture Japanese Castle ~城の建築~

Lecture: 15:00pm-16:00pm

Castles are more enjoyable to view with knowledge. There are many unique castles existing in various parts of Japan. The "castle keep," which is part of the building that makes up the castle, is a deep and complex structure, and it has been elucidated that it was built using superior architectural techniques and various innovations. Guest Speaker, an expert on castles, will provide in-depth knowledge of the castle keep as a traditional architectural structure.

  • *Archive streaming of "Lecture" is now available on YouTube.

The special Q&A session: 16:00pm-16:30pm

After the YOUTUBE live seminar, the online (Zoom) Q&A session was held. It was the opportunity to ask questions directly to the guest speaker.


TIEC residents and open to public

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  • *Subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation
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