The 54th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar [Local Craftsmanship -職人技に見る日本のものづくり-]

The 54th TIEC Cross-Cultural Seminar (Local Craftsmanship) Poster

This time, we filmed lectures on the theme of "Local Craftsmanship -職人技に見る日本のものづくり-" by three lecturers.
The videos have been uploaded.

1.How to watch the videos

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Opening address (5 minutes)

Mr. YOSHINO Toshio

Vice President, Japan Student Services Organization / Superintendent, Tokyo International Exchange Center

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Part1: "Japanese industry (craftsmanship) and climate" (30 minutes)

Mr. SUZUKI Kazuyoshi

Former Director Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology, National Museum of Nature and Science
Mr.SUZUKIʼs research focuses on the process of the development of technology in Japan. In particular, he investigates and researches the development of technology from the Edo period to the present day from an empirical viewpoint from the viewpoint of actual materials like a museum.

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Part2: "Knife & TSUBAME Regional Industry" (30 minutes)

Mr. OGAWA Masato

TOJIRO Co., Ltd. 
The company Tojiro is one of the famous Japanese knife brands which is located in Tsubame, Niigata prefecture. Since Mr. OGAWA has been joined Tojiro, he is in charge of product design, graphic design, and sales. The website created to deepen product knowledge became popular in the knife industry, so in 2000, the company became the Japanese first knife manufacturer to start selling knives on its official website.
Since 2015, he conveys knowledge of the manufacturing of knives as the director of the facility "TOJIRO KNIFE GALLERY" where visitors are able to take a look at knife manufacturing procedures.

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Part3: "Casting Manufacturer-NOUSAKU-" (30 minutes)

Mr. NOUSAKU Katsuji


"Takaoka Copperware” is a Japanese traditional industry of casting in Takaoka City, Toyama.The skill of Takaoka copperware has been handed down and refined over a 400-year period.Since its founding in 1916, the company Nousaku has been manufacturing copper alloy Buddhist ritual objects, and Japanese tea-ceremony utensils by making use of cultivated techniques. And in recent years, Nousaku has been casting tin-made tableware and interior product. Compared to when Mr.NOUSAKU Katsuji assumed the position of Representative President and CEO in 2002, they achieved 15 times the number of employees, 10 times the sales, and 8 consecutive years of 10% growth for without sales and without employee training. The system of continuing to make profits while coexisting and co-prospering with the local community has been taken up by various media.

  • Part 3 is only for residents of TIEC (Tokyo International Exchange Center).

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