The 59th Research and Presentation by TIEC Residents

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The event was successfully finished. Thank you for your coming.

1. Date and Time

Saturday, April 21, 2018
10:35am-2:00pm (Door opens 10:30am)

2. Venue

Media Hall and International Conference Hall, Main Foyer, Plaza Heisei 3F
Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC),
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

3. Program

1. Registration (10:30am-11:00am)

2. Poster Session (10:35am-11:15am) at Media Hall

(1) Afrad Abdellah (Morocco, The University of Tokyo)
“Iconic buildings and urban identity”
(2) Kunal Kumar (India, The University of Tokyo)
“Multicolored Photoluminescence and Slow Magnetic Relaxation in Trimetallic EuxTb1-x[Co(CN)6] Coordination Polymers”
(3) Wang Weimin (China, AIST)
“3D Mapping and Modeling based on Data Fusion of LiDAR and Camera”
(4) Vallejos Catalina (Chile, Tokyo University of the Arts)
“Sounds made with machine learning”
(5) Aya Mohamed (Egypt,Waseda University)
“Leisure platforms in the Global Age: A study on the attributes that shape the current image of Odaiba, Tokyo Bay"
(6) Thum Chun Hau (Malaysia, The University of Tokyo)
“Combination of Agricultural and Solar Photovoltaic: Evaluation of Crop Productivity under Shaded Environment”
(7) Hiroaki Yui (Japan, The University of Tokyo)
“Analysis of next generation sequencing data created by transposon mutagenesis”
(8) Chen WeiChung (Taiwan, The University of Tokyo)
“A Volume-Type Function and its Estimate”

3. Oral presentation (11:35am-12:50pm) at International Conference Hall
*Including question and discussion time

(1) Andrew Kels (Australia, The University of Tokyo)
“Special functions and equations of mathematical physics”
(2) Haripriya Gopalakrishnan Nair Ramani(India, Shibaura Institute of Technology)
“Structural and Magnetic properties of double perovskite oxides”
(3) Yu Nai-Hui (Taiwan, The University of Tokyo)
“Two Homelands: The Inheritance and Change of Identities of Japanese Nationals Who Lived in Taiwan under Colonial Rule”
(4) Liu Ruili (China, Ochanomizu University)
“The Use of Noun-Verb Collocations by Advanced Japanese Learners”

4.Comment by Superintendent of TIEC (12:50pm-12:55pm)

5.Reception (1:00pm-2:00pm)


TIEC residennts, former residents of TIEC, and it is also opened to public

5. Number of Participants


6. Application fee


7. Language

Simultaneous interpretation provided: Japanese and English

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