The 71st TIEC and The 17th HIH Research and Presentation (Global Understanding Workshop)

The 71st TIEC and The 17th HIH Research and Presentation Poster

This event is implemented for promoting interaction among participants and forming intellectual networks.
This time, TIEC (Tokyo International Exchange Center) and HIH (Hyogo International House) jointly held this event as "Global Understanding Workshop" online.
We invited presenters from residents, International Student Associations in Japan and The Consortium University in Hyogo to introduce their country / region under the theme of "Festival".

1.How to apply

*Application closed.

2.Date and Time

Sunday, March 6, 2022


Online (ZOOM)


【1】Opening (14:00pm-14:10pm)

【2】Presentation (14:10pm-15:10pm)


1.WAN AMIN-san (Malaysia)
“文化と宗教の影響による変化 マレーシアを代表とする『ハリ・ラヤ』”

2.Anastasya Wulandari Hasyim-san (Indonesia)

3.TANA-san (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China)
“Obo sacrificial ceremony”


1.Khushaal Yadav-san (India)
“Holi ( festival of colours)”

2.Roger Carpo Bayotas, Jr.-san (Philippines)
“Sinulog Festival of the Philippines”

3.A.M.Rashika Saman Kumari Abesinghe-san (Sri Lanka)
“Sinhala and Tamil New Year - Sri Lanka”


1.Hernandez, Rose Ann, Malana-san (Philippines)
“Food Festivals in the Philippines”

“Drametse Ngacham : Masked Dance of Bhutan”

3.Sanoh Yusuf-san (Guinea)
“Festivals in Guinea”

【3】Networking Event(15:10pm-15:40pm)

We provided opportunities for participants to have a conversation about feedback of presentation, your hometown festival or favorite festivals.
Interpretation was provided (Japanese-English)


Open to the public.

6.Admission fee



Interpretation was provided (Japanese-English)

  • *Subsidized by the Nakajima Foundation
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