The 70th Research and Presentation (ONLINE) by TIEC Residents

The 70th TIEC Reserch and Presentation Poster

This event is implemented for promoting interaction among participants and forming intellectual networks.
TIEC residents introduced what they study at their universities or institutes through oral presentation.
*This time, the event without audience was held due to COVID-19. We took a video of the event and published it with subtitles in the same language as the presentation on our YouTube channel "TIEC&HIH channel" for a period of time.

1.Date and Time (recording)

Saturday, November 27th, 2021


International Conference Hall, Plaza Heisei 3F,
Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC),
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo


3-1.Opening Address

Mr. YOSHINO Toshio
Vice President, Japan Student Services Organization / Superintendent, Tokyo
International Exchange Center

3-2.Oral Presentation

(1) Mr. Bai Xi (China / International University of Health and Welfare)



Presentation Title: The importance of learning functional recovery care welfare in Japan~from the view point of a Chinese international student who has studied functional recovery care welfare from undergraduate to doctoral course~

(2) Mr. Rudi Setiadji Agustiningtyas (Indonesia / Waseda University)



Presentation Title: Embodied Energy and Carbon of Rented Simple Apartments (Rusunawa) in Indonesia

(3) Mr. Cherki Mohamed Hamza (Morocco / Toyo University)



Presentation Title: Solid Waste Composting Feasibility through Cash Flow Analysis - Case study in Rabat region, Morocco

(4) Ms. Numan Weam Fadel Mahmoud (Jordan / Tokyo Institute of Technology)



Presentation Title: Virtual Reality Environments in Games

(5) Mr. Lukacs Gaspar (Hungary / Aoyama Gakuin University)



Presentation Title: Response time versus polygraph measures for lie detection

(6) Ms. Xie Zijin (China / Keio University)



Presentation Title: Economic Modeling Approach for Biodiversity Conservation: The effects of bans on trophy hunting

(7) Ms. Namasaba Mariam (Uganda / The University of Tokyo)



Presentation Title: The one and the many: improving the mental wellbeing of caregivers of children with disabilities in undan Uganda: a cluster randomized controlled trial


Regarding questions to the presenters and the answers to the questions, please refer to the following file.
*Currently, new questions are not available.

Awards for Good Questions

Amazon JP Gift Certificates (2000yen)

5 people who asked especially good questions received the prize. The winners are as below. (Please check the file above "Q&A" for the questions and answers.)

  • NA TA-san
  • Azlan-san
  • Hu Lihang-san
  • Karen-san
  • Lisa-san

5.Viewing Fee

*Everyone can view the videos

6.The Usage of Language

Japanese and English (Original voice and simultaneous interpretation voice)

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