Osaka Japanese Language Education Center Certified Alumni Association

Osaka Japanese Language Education Center Certified Alumni Association

The Osaka Japanese Language Education Center is striving to officially recognize alumni associations established by our graduates (including The KANSAI International Students Institute) that meet certain criteria.

As a certified alumni association, you will receive various types of support, such as introductions on the Osaka
Japanese Language Education Center's website and programs to encourage and bolster your activities.

How to apply to become a “Certified Alumni Association”

Organizations wishing to become a certified alumni association are requested to apply to the Osaka Japanese Language Education Center according to the following procedure.

Criteria for certification of alumni associations (organizations that do not meet these criteria are not eligible to apply for certification).

  • As a rule, please include"関西国際学友会 " in the name of the alumni association. (It is also possible to register it as a supplement in parentheses or as a nickname)
  • Application form for Authorization (Form1)
  • Membership list (Form2)
  • Rules and regulations regarding association and its operation (any format)
  • Documentation of activities (e.g., copies of newsletters, commemorative publications, meeting guides, articles, etc. showing activities)
  • Not required if the organization is newly established and has no history of activities at the time of submission.

How to apply

Upload the required documents (1) through (4) to the following website address to submit them electronically or send them by post.

When there is a change in the application details

After certification, if there are any changes to the details of your application (officers, administrative contact details, association name, website links, etc.), or if you wish to dissolve the association, please inform us by email or telephone at your earliest conveniences.

As a rule, we will only accept contact from the registered chairperson or vice chairperson. Please note that Osaka Japanese Language Education Center may contact the chairperson or vice chairperson for confirmation.

  • After certification, the Osaka Japanese Language Education Center may check the status of your activities. Please note that your certification may be revoked if the results of the check indicate that you do not meet the required criteria.
  • Create a password to attached files when you submit application by email.(The password needs to be informed us through a separate email.)
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