Exchanges at Osaka Japanese Language Education Center

photo of a picnic  with local community

Throughout various events, meetings and volunteer activities, our students’ exchange with Japanese school students (such as elementary and high school) and local people in community are actively taking place.

1. Local exchange and international exchange activities

In response to the invitations from regional or various organizations, students are actively engaged in many events, exchanges and volunteer activities, which lead to promotion of local exchanges.

Pick up from recent exchanges

photo of a trip to Mt. Fuji

"Trip to Mt. Fuji with International Students by Osaka Higashiyodo Chayamachi Rotary Club"

2. Education for international understanding

-In order to promote mutual understanding between overseas students and Japanese students of elementary and high schools, our center encourages students to take part in exchange events and meetings.

-We dispatch our students to these events not only for simple exchange but also as lecturers. Through introductions of their cultures and current affairs, both of our students and Japanese host students can gain deep knowledge about each other.

photo of a lecture to Japanese students

photo of communicating with Japanese students

photo of a caligraphy lesson among Japanese pupils