Research Activities at Osaka Japanese Language Education Center


Research conferences between Japanese language institutions and institutes of higher education


We hold a conference annualy to encourage intense information sharing and opinion exchanging between personnels of Japanese language institutions and those of institutes of higher education to which Japanese language learners go on.

Training program for Japanese language teachers of foreign nationals


Our Center invites foreign Japanese language instructors in service abroad and provides them short-term training, which includes observing classes, practical training, drafting teaching plans, receiving lectures and giving his/her research talk.

Development of textbooks and teaching materials


Our center uses materials originally developed based on the active research.

<Exclusive use for school>
●Japanese I (Vol. one) (Vol. two)
●Japanese II
●Things about Japan (for students who advance to specialized training colleges)
●Enjoy Kanji Learning, etc


<Available at bookstores>
●Directory of Scientific Terms for International Students (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Japanese-English-Arabic
(Edited by Osaka Japanese Language Education Center, published by Hotaka Shoten)

JLEC Standard of Japanese Language

OJLEC points and Can-Do Statements

Bulletin of JASSO Japanese Language Education Centers (Available in Japanese)


Quizzes on things about Japan (Availble in Japanese)

Quizzes on things about Japan